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Colours marked with the exclamation sign are sensitive colours. For information on sensitive colours see our sensitive colours guide.

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LG HI-MACS - Cast Sinks

The key benefits of Hi-MACS integrated sink or bowl are the seamless and waterproof join between the kitchen worktop or bathroom vanity top negating the need for sealant, and stain-proof easy maintenance.

Available in Alpine white only.

CS398S Cs398s-castsinks Cs398s-castsinks
CS824D Cs824d-castsinks Cs824d-castsinks
CS325R Cs325r-castsinks Cs325r-castsinks
CS325S Cs325s-castsinks Cs325s-castsinks
CS400S Cs400s-castsinks Cs400s-castsinks
CS449RL Cs449rl-castsinks Cs449rl-castsinks
CS449RS Cs449rs-castsinks Cs449rs-castsinks
CS528R Cs528r-castsinks Cs528r-castsinks
CS490R Cs490r
CS490D Cs490d
CB422 Cb422-1
CB465 Cb465-1
CB680 Cb680-1
CS203 Cs203_72dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs203_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS204 Cs204_72dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs204_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS354 Hi-macs_cs354_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs354_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS404 Hi-macs_cs404_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs404_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS453 Hi-macs_cs453_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs453_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS454 Hi-macs_cs454_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs454_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS504 Hi-macs_cs504_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs504_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS553 Hi-macs_cs553_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs553_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS604 Hi-macs_cs604_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs604_300dpi_rgb_sq
CS704 Hi-macs_cs704_300dpi_rgb Hi-macs_cs704_300dpi_rgb_sq_0

LG HI-MACS - Combina Sinks

LG HI-MACS Combina sinks comprise of LG HI-MACS walls and a stainless steel base.

Can be ordered to match any worktop colour (excluding sensitive colours)

Combina 216 Combina216
Combina 245 Combina245
Combina 233 Combina233
Combina 240 Combina240
Combina 341 Combina341
Combina 424 Combina424
Combina 441 Combina441
Combina 450 Combina450
Combina 470 Combina470
Combina 435 Combina435